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MIRKAM- rational vision and more




Jewish communities who live in different lifestyles and at the same time join arms to form a meaningful, joint, Jewish-Israeli lifestyle.


We believe that action should be taken to establish and strengthen Jewish assorted communities which share different lifestyles and spiritual beliefs across the country. These communities will be role models to the Israeli society, displaying a common goal and showing the power and prosperity that is to be found in the assorted communal life, encouraging dialogue between the different populations, both on the local and national levels.

MIRKAM will promote models of the assorted communities, establish them, expand them, and turn them into a center of attraction for Israeli society by strengthening the existing assorted communities and establishing others.

1. Promoting the shared goals of the assorted communities
2. Mutual learning and cooperation between communities
3. Creating a meaningful, mutual, community lifestyle
4. Encouraging various educational initiatives
5. Encouraging and supporting new assorted communities

METHOD and action so far (2009-2011)
• The establishment of a project, whose partners are representatives of the assorted communities. Project members will deal with the core issues arising from the lives of the assorted communities, will study on both individual and joint levels and will initiate and lead community and national projects.
• Holding seminars for community activists and others, performing a variety of other roles in the community – involving issues of values, the Jewish Festivals and community empowerment.
• Conference for residents of the assorted communities: A national conference at which residents will meet each other, consolidate and strengthen ties between the communities and share the notion of being a part of a big and meaningful movement.
• Youth- a special conference for the teenagers of the communities in which they can get together and meet other youngsters who share the same way of unique lifestyles and by that encourage and strengthen their solidarity and commitment for this way of life.
• Publicity- creating an active website (www.mirkam.co.il); publishing a monthly newsletter distributed to residents and other interested organizations and private people; advertising the events of MIRKAM and of the communities themselves, and creating publicity materials (like the movie on "youtube")

All residents of the assorted communities in Israel, the Israeli public, Jewish communities overseas with mutual interests….

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Pictures fron projects

 The  map of the Communities

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